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A Full Length Video Bible Study Lesson
by Daniel Sweet, Minister of Christ

The traditional Christmas story concerning the birth of Jesus Christ goes something like this: It’s a cold winter night on Dec 25, a very pregnant young woman and her gentleman companion are turned away from an Inn, Jesus born in a stable, then 3 wise men came...

Is this right of wrong according to scripture?
Truth of the Bible vs. Traditions of Men

The Christmas story most people are familiar with is not a pretty one. It paints a cold and selfish picture of the people of Bethlehem. Most people of every age and culture go out of their way to help pregnant women in need. Did the people of Bethlehem turn away this young woman about to give birth?

Is that really the picture of the birth of Jesus Christ that the bible is telling us or is it a long standing tradition that has gone unchecked and accepted as truth? Today we are going to be examining scripture and going deeper into what the bible says, and doesn’t say on how it really went down according to scripture.  

 Maybe there is an error in our understanding of the scripture?

We know that scripture interprets itself in one or more of the following 5 ways:

  1. In the verse
  2. In the context
  3. Where it was used before
  4. In the figures of speech, manners and customs of the culture
  5. and finally, In the accurate translation

In this free video, we are going to learn some Greek words and examine the culture of the time during which Joseph and Mary lived to gain a wider understanding of what really happened at the birth of Jesus Christ.

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About the Teacher:

Daniel Sweet, Biblical Expert on the Birth of Jesus Christ

Daniel Sweet is the President and founder of God's Word First I'ntl. He is an ordained minister, biblical scholar, teacher of the holy spirit and an expert author on the subject of Leadership.

He and his wife, Debbra Sweet have overseen the growth and development of multiple in home fellowships and have been instrumental in helping many people all over the world come to the knowledge and truth of God’s Word.


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