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Christian Spiritual Gifts Inventory of Spiritual Blessings
Article by Minister Daniel Sweet

Christian Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Blessings are “Power from on High”

In Romans 10:9-10 scripture states that everyone who confesses Jesus as their Lord and believes in their heart that God raised him from the dead joins the ranks of those born again of God’s incorruptible seed and are filled with the gift of holy spirit.

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In Ephesians 1:3 it says, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places…”

At no other time in history, not even when Jesus walked the earth, did God, Jesus, or the Bible say that people were blessed with all the spiritual blessings that God had in the heavenly places.

All Spiritual Blessings in the Gift of Holy Spirit

Have you ever received a box of presents in the mail from a family member? It’s a big box addressed to you.

When you open it, you find inside many other smaller boxes each individually gift wrapped. Let’s say for this example that they are all addressed to you.

That’s what the gift of holy spirit is like. It’s a big box full of 9 gifts all individually wrapped and addressed to you personally.

To make things fair and easy, God gave the same box of gifts to each of his children. What you do with this box of gifts is entirely up to you. What do you usually do when you get a gift? You open it! Then what? You open another gift, and so on until you have opened and marveled at each one.

And then eventually one by one you get around to reading the instructions on how to use it, you put it together and you play with it. And then you send a thank you letter!

It’s up to you to open each gift and use it. If you leave it in the box unopened it does you no good. Have you looked inside your big gift box of spiritual gifts yet?

Lost in the Mail?

Gift of Holy Spirit containing spiritual blessings

Have you ever found out that something got lost in the mail? The sender says, “Hey did you get that big box I sent you?” And you reply, “No I did not get that gift.” Not so with God. His delivery system is PERFECT.

He sends the same great combo package gift to every one of His children and they ALWAYS get it. Whether or not they wish to accept the big box, open it or any of the smaller ones inside, ore even acknowledge the whole main gift at all is entirely up them.

That’s why it majorly bugs me when I ask a believer if they are speaking in tongues yet and they reply with “No, I didn’t get that gift.” And I say, “Yeah you did. Fish around inside that big box, open your gift, read the instructions and start using it!”

Christian Spiritual Gifts Inventory:

Speaking in Tongues is a form of perfect prayer and worship done in a language unknown to the speaker. It is done in a language of men or of angels; the meaning of which is unknown to the speaker. Speaking in tongues is physical proof that the speaker is born again and is to be used in private prayer unless the message is interpreted in a believers' meeting.

Interpretation of Tongues is giving the sum and substance, in your own language, of what you have just spoken in tongues. Usually done in church or in a believers meeting as God gives you the direction to do so.

Prophecy is speaking, writing, or otherwise communicating a message from God to a person or group of people.

Word of Knowledge: Getting divine information, insight, and understanding about something that you could not possibly know through any of your 5 senses.

Word of Wisdom: Divine direction, what to do with or how to apply the knowledge you have about something.

Discerning of Spirits is God revealing to you information about the presence or non-presence of spirits (including both holy spirit or demons), and sometimes including the identity of demons present, whether or not you may cast them out, and providing you the power to do it.

Faith (aka Believing): The Manifestation of Faith is: Having the confidence that what God can and will do, or that which He has promised or empowered you to do will come to pass at your command. This type of believing goes beyond your own personal believing; it is like a super charger supplying whatever boost is needed in your believing to get the job done.

Working of Miracles: A miracle is an effect or an extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. The working of miracles is you exercising your God-given spiritual ability to perform miracles by the power of God.

Gifts of Healing is the power to heal people from sickness and death by the power and command of God, according to what God has revealed to you by word of knowledge and word of wisdom.

Spiritual Blessings

The prophets in the Old Testament utilized all of them except for the two that God hid from all creation up until the new Grace Administration. Those 2 are Speaking in Tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues.

God calls us born again believers Sons, not just servants as were the prophets. If the prophets who only had holy spirit upon them by measure utilized all seven manifestations available to them at that time to walk in power before God, then certainly God has done the same or even greater for us whom he filled AND sealed inside us the gift of holy spirit.

As we study each manifestation of the holy spirit and understand what they are and how they enable us to walk in spiritual power, it becomes very clear that every Christian can utilize all nine manifestations.

It says in Eph 1:3 that we are given all the spiritual blessings that heaven has to offer. It is IMPOSSIBLE to operate any one of the manifestations without operating one or more of the others. They are all interconnected and interdependent upon each other. An example is you must first operate Faith before you can operate any one of the other 8 manifestations.

It is very important to realize that the Bible calls each of these individual gifts “manifestations of the spirit” and it means exactly that; these are evidences of the main gift of holy spirit, not natural abilities that God has given to the person. They are the presence of the gift of holy spirit being made visible.

I make this point because some people treat these manifestations as if they were talents that some people have, with no specific connection to the gift of holy spirit. It is true that God does give different people talents. Some people sing well; some people are very athletic; some are very intelligent; some people are great artists, etc. These are all God-given talents, but they are not manifestations of the gift of holy spirit.

All Christian Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Blessings are actually just part of one big gift to you from God; that is the Gift of Holy Spirit.


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