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Finding True Inner Peace instead of Struggling with
the Illusion of Outer Peace - by Daniel Sweet

Outer Peace

Outer peace is working 50-60 hours a week in order to purchase a high quality of life and then finding you are too tired to enjoy it.

Outer peace is buying a bigger home in order to be "like the Jones’" then realizing the Jones’ are in debt up to their eyeballs.

Outer peace is running in the rat race without realizing that even if you win you still might be a rat.

Outer peace is doing the same thing every day expecting a different result.

Outer peace is a life of quiet inner desperation.

Inner Peace

Inner peace is one’s ability to stop and enjoy the mountains and the trees, the sun in the sky and all of God’s creations.

Inner peace is the ability to turn off the cell phone with the belief that no emergency is as important as enjoying a magical moment with your spouse or listening to the sounds of your children’s giggles.

Inner peace is the ability to see a brighter day during a lay-off.

Inner peace is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today and that you have the ability to influence it.

Inner peace is not an ongoing feeling; it is a moment by moment feeling. It is a feeling that can only be achieved through the principles of passion, discipline and balance.

Achieving inner peace begins with your passionate commitment to God and/or a higher standard. Then it takes self discipline to keep it going daily and finally balance to stay on track for the long run.

Thoughts beget action, actions beget results.

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About Daniel Sweet: Daniel Sweet is an ordained minister of Christ and a world renowned author on the subject of Leadership. He has found true inner peace and shares his experieces with others to help them find thier path in life as well. Daniel makes the bible easy for everyone to understand by using humor and fun personal stories from his own life. Learn more about Daniel Sweet.



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