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Speaking In Tongues Audio CD

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In this powerful bible study lesson from Pastor Daniel Sweet, we explore what it truly means to Walk with God as he answers those nagging questions we all encounter whenever we hear of the importance of Walking with God:

What does “Walking with God” truly mean?
How do I “Walk with God”?
What are the benefits of “Walking with God”?

This bible study sermon holds a wealth of knowledge for the believer, as we dive beneath the surface of Proverbs 3:1-24 to gain a greater understanding of why this text in the Book of Proverbs exists, what it is saying, and what it means to us.

The first step is Understanding:
What does “Walking With God” mean?

We know that God is the creator of all things, and that His power goes beyond what any of us even have the ability to grasp or imagine. But Christianity does not end there; God has given us the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Him! The awesome power of God and His blessings is at our fingertips when we understand what “Walking With God” means.

Beyond Understanding:
How do I “Walk With God”?

Pastor Sweet’s exploration of these verses provides the listener with a full understanding of how to access the blessings available to those who walk with God. Not only does God want believers to walk with Him, but in this text He provides us everything we need in order to understand exactly how to walk with Him!

After Understanding:
What are the benefits of “Walking With God”?

The Bible is full of promises for the believer, but there are few texts in God's Word that are as densely packed with promises as this one chapter in Proverbs. Oftentimes, we as believers tend to read our Bible “because we’re supposed to,” and we miss so much knowledge that is waiting for us to grab hold!

As Pastor Sweet guides us through this chapter and explains what it means to walk with God, we uncover promise after promise that God has given to those who follow the wisdom and knowledge revealed in these verses.

Grab hold of the promises God has for you:
Learn to walk with Him!

This message is not a jumbled mishmash of confusing connectors and hopeful, theoretical "reaches" that can only be understood by the "longest-tenured" or "most pious" Christians... rather, this message is for everyone!

Pastor Sweet expertly guides us through these verses to gain an understanding of what they mean and of how we can apply them in our own lives. By the time the message ends, your notebook is sure to be filled with exclamation points and fragmented thoughts as you try to capture everything you want to make sure you remember!

This message is a treasure chest full of gems that will help you understand how to walk with God and improve your everyday life, and as you take the things you learn and apply them, you are sure to see a difference. And of course, you are sure to revisit this message over and over again!

Learn what it means to walk with God, and find out the promises God has given to those of us who follow His words!

This CD is a concise study in HOW to Walk with God
correctly according to God for blessings of the Spirit,
total fulfillment and spiritual abundance.

Pastor Daniel Sweet has lived through heart aches, pains, deep despair, and self condemnation. He has overcome those very same obstacles you might be struggling with right now in your life. He is a living testimony to what WE ALL CAN overcome by Walking with God as our travel guide through life.

What You Will Learn:

Know what it truly means to be Walking with God according to scripture.
Discover exactly how to Walk with God the way HE wants YOU to walk with Him!
The #1 reason why you have pain, drama, distress, complications and frustration in your life. And no, it's not the devil... it's something else!
How to know when you are doing it right... and how to know when you might be walking away from God instead!
What it takes to be accepted by God regardless of where you've been or what you might have done.
  ...And so very much more!

What this Audio Bible Study CD is NOT:

* This CD is not personal opinion, it is based on scripture.

* This CD is not denominationally biased. The biblical truths exposed are universal and will apply to you regardless of your religious background.

* This CD is not shrouded in mysterious Old Testament language, leaving you hoping that you figure it out for yourself. I come right out and tell you so there is no guess work on your part.

* This CD is not New Age mumbo jumbo or psyco-babble or meta-physical theory.

Warning: Knowing how to Walk with God is an EYE OPENING experience!

Walking with God Audio CD

Walking with God:
Proverbs 3: A study in Trusting God & Gaining Wisdom
(With Commentary for Understanding Figures of Speech used in the Bible)

This 30 minute Digital Audio Compact Disc will be shipped right to your door. It is an easy to understand Step by Step guide for learning how to Walk with God according to scripture.

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About your Bible Study Teacher:

Daniel Sweet, President of God's Word First Christian Ministry

Daniel Sweet is and ordained minister and the founder, President, and Senior Pastor of God's Word First Biblical Research and Teaching Ministry. He is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost leading experts on the gift manifestations of Holy Spirit. As a biblical scholar, humble follower and faithful Bible teacher teacher, he and his wife Debbra Sweet have been instrumental in helping many people come to the knowledge and truth of God’s Word.

Affectionately known as the "Moto Minister" due to his recreation activities with off road motorcycles, he is beloved by many for his lively sense of humor, his fun loving attitude and openly candid opinions. Daniel Sweet is also a published author on the subject of Leadership, an investor and an entrepreneur owning several small businesses.

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