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"For they heard them speaking in tongues and praising God..." Acts 10:46

Speaking in Tongues: New Christian Audio
Bible Study CD Reveals the Mystery Behind
What it is and What it's for and...
How You Can Do it Too!

"For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays..."
1 Corinthians 14:14

What to Do and Why from God's Perspective: Speaking in Tongues is a manifestation of the gift of holy spirit available to every born again Christian as physical proof of an inner blessing. You don't think have this "Gift"? Think again... if you are "Born Again" then you can Speak in Tongues!

Speaking In Tongues Audio CD

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The information in this audio bible study CD will help you understand What To Do and Why from God's Perspective if you desire inner peace, blessings, prosperity and abundance through Speaking in Tongues.

Growing up with a reckless lifestyle, I know first hand what it is like to live in a world with little to no hope wondering why God does not answer my prayers.

Then I discovered how God wants to be worshiped and prayed to... what He considers Perfect Prayer... and I knew just like you that I had to learn everything about it in order to please God with my perfect prayers to Him.

Now grounded with inner peace, prosperity and daily blessings, I am showing you the way, step by step how to Speak in Tongues with perfect prayer so you too can receive abundance and God's blessings.

You can be Speaking and Praying in Tongues today!

You might ask, "If the Bible has all the answers
then why should I listen to your CD?"

Because I want to help you shorten your learning curve so you can benefit in 1 hour or less from what has taken me over 24 years to learn!


Why did I Record this Astounding New
Bible Study CD about Speaking in Tongues?

The subject of Speaking in Tongues comes up often as people are learning about God and His word. There seems to be much confusion and uncertainty about clearly understanding God's perspective on this subject.

There are many polluted and outright wrong opinions about what Speaking in Tongues is.  You can find commentaries, opinions and possibly well intended responses to questions about this subject... But when you take the time to line up those commentaries, opinions and ideas against what GOD says about the subject- a whole new understanding unfolds before you!

Place your Hope in God, Jesus Christ is the Way

The worlds' portrayal on the subject of Speaking in Tongues is one that typically leaves a person feeling confusion, frustration, humiliation and self doubt.

This audio Bible Study Lesson on CD reveals to you from Bible scripture that GOD and the Holy Apostles say something completely different about what Jesus Christ made available to all of us who believe on him.

As a person who always had a heart for God, but unknowingly was walking the ways of the world for many years, I yearned to fill the ‘void' in my heart. I found many temporary ‘reliefs' but the emptiness always came back. 

When I reached an all time low in my life and was ready to really change, God brought to me a handful of people who taught me HOW to read God's Word to understand it and apply it to make change in my life.

This CD is a concise study in HOW to Speak in Tongues
Correctly according to God for blessings of the Spirit,
total fulfillment and spiritual abundance.

I have lived through heart aches, pains, deep despair, and self condemnation. I have overcome those very same obstacles and more. I am a living testimony to what WE ALL CAN overcome with God as our foundation. Allow me to be your guide and I will share it all with you, no holds barred on this CD.

What You Will Learn:

What exactly Speaking in Tongues is according to scripture... and more importantly, what it is NOT.
The #1 reason why you have pain, drama, distress, complications and frustration in your life. And no, it's not the devil... it's something else!
Why the #1 reason is so crucial to understand... it could be the difference between life and death!
How to know when you are doing it right... and when someone else is doing it wrong!
What it takes to be accepted by God regardless of where you've been or what you might have done.
How to overcome self condemnation so you can finally experience joy and true happiness.
The ONLY unforgivable action that is the SINGLE sin keeping some people from eternal salvation... Not knowing this ONE THING could mean life everlasting or eternal damnation.
  ...And so very much more!

What this Audio Bible Study CD is NOT:

* This CD is not personal opinion, it is based on scripture.

* This CD is not denominationally biased. The biblical truths exposed are universal and will apply to you regardless of your religious background.

* This CD is not tippy toeing around the truth behind why you are not Speaking in Tongues yet hoping that you figure it out for yourself. I come right out and tell you so there is no guess work on your part.

* This CD is not New Age mumbo jumbo or psyco-babble or meta-physical theory.

Warning: This Audio CD will Bless Your Socks Off!

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Speaking In Tongues Audio CD

Speaking In Tongues:
What it is, What it's for & How to do it

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for learning how to Speak in Tongues and do it right according to God.

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About your Bible Study Teacher:

Daniel Sweet, President of God's Word First Christian Ministry

Daniel Sweet is and ordained minister and the founder, President, and Senior Pastor of God's Word First Christian Ministry. He is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost leading experts on the gift manifestations of Holy Spirit. As a biblical scholar, humble follower and faithful Bible teacher teacher, he and his wife Debbra Sweet have been instrumental in helping many people come to the knowledge and truth of God’s Word.

Affectionately known as the "Rock and Roll Pastor" due to his previous vocation as a pro musician, he is beloved by many for his lively sense of humor, his fun loving attitude and openly candid opinions. Daniel Sweet is also a published author on the subject of Leadership, an investor and an entrepreneur owning several small businesses.

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