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How to Speak in Tongues:
What it's for and How You Can Do it Too!

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All Christians can speak in tongues (via the gift of God’s holy spirit), whether or not you choose to do it is your choice. The Apostle Paul seems pretty convinced that you would benefit from it, so get started speaking in tongues today!

First you must be born again (Rom 10:9-10). Then you have to operate the manifestation of believing. Then from there, speaking in tongues is easy. After you are born again, you just do it. It’s as easy and as natural as breathing or blinking your eyes.

If this is your first time speaking in tongues. Just relax. Don’t try to speak whole sentences right off the bat. You start with one word. Just one. Then the next one immediately follows it. Then another, then another and so on. You control when you start and when you stop. It does not “come over” you.

This is not possession where you are not in control. If your eyes roll back in your head and you hit the floor convulsing uncontrollably then you might be operating the wrong spirit. More like it’s operating you. That’s not right. God never takes control over you because that would be dominating your free will.

Speaking in Tongues Speaks the Wonderful Works of God

Know that speaking in tongues is under your control. Because you can speak in tongues when you want to, stop when you want to – God’s going to tell you that there are certain things that are decorous, are proper, and are respectful when it comes to speaking in tongues.

I think we’ve all heard the horror stories about the stranger who goes into a Church where everyone is shouting in tongues, and they become scared and afraid, and Scripture tells us that.

So, when we speak in tongues we do it in a way that’s a blessing, and we interpret so it blesses the people.

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What Speaking in
Tongues is for:

What Speaking in Tongues is For:

  • It’s proof that we’re born again
  • God says He wants us to
  • Speaking a sacred secret
  • Perfect prayer
  • Speaking God’s wonderful works
  • It’s praise to God
  • We should be speaking in tongues often

So when you want to speak in tongues you first set your mind upon the intention, believe the words will be there, then just open your mouth and start speaking. But do not speak English or any other language you know.

What you will be speaking is whatever language God chooses to give you. If it is a language of men, someone somewhere on the earth (among the approximately 6000 or so dialects) could understand it. If it’s a language of angels, no one on earth would understand it.

Remember when I said earlier that you can not do it wrong? Well, there is one way to fail: When it comes to speaking in tongues, there is only one way to fail... and that is not to speak.

Pay attention here: If you open your mouth and speak (not a language you know), it cannot fail; you will speak in tongues.

Through the years, I have shared these same truths with many people. Some have come back to me and said, “I tried it and it didn’t work.”
I always ask: “Did you open your mouth and let out sounds? Did you speak?”
And they say, “Well, no. I was waiting for the right feeling, or I was waiting for the spirit to overtake me.”
And I say, “Then you did not try.” Be ye doers of the Word. (James 1:22)

A Startling Truth: God Cannot Give
You the Words Until You Speak

Do you see how this perfectly illustrates what the Christian life is all about? God makes many promises to us, but the only way they come to pass is when we act on them. You cannot say the second word until you say the first word.

So if this is your first time, just relax, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and focus your mind on the God who loves you. Thank him for having filled you with the holy spirit and for giving you the ability to speak in tongues right now.

Take another breath, and let it rip! Open your mouth and speak whatever comes to mind, one word at a time. It might be slow at first. Don’t worry about that.  It might be only 2 or 3 words; it might be a few dozen words. Just keep speaking until you get the feeling to stop.

Remember, since you are not using your mind to speak in tongues, you can also listen to what you are saying, and that is why it may sound really strange at first. But so would any language you’ve never heard before.

Rest assured you will be speaking forth words of praise, thanksgiving, and worship. And be BOLD! The words you are hearing yourself speak are the proof that Jesus is alive and well, and that so will you be too, forever. It cost him his life for you to be able to praise and worship God in this wonderful way, so get into it.

Start speaking in tongues today and then speak in tongues as often as you can.

God bless you!


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