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>Tabernacle of Moses Bible Map showing floor plan


The measurements of the structure of the Tabernacle of Moses were originally given by God in cubits. There has never been a standard cubit known to man. A cubit is generally thought to be the distance from the elbow to the finger tip.

Now you think about that for a while, and tell me how standard that could possibly be. That particular fact is interesting in itself. The glory of God cannot be known. Most scholars assign from 18 inches to 25 inches in length to the cubit.

This allows a great deal of flexibility when one considers that the long side of the court of the tabernacle enclosure/fence measured 100 linear cubits. That converts to between 150 to 208 feet. If the exact linear measurements were important for us to know, God would have given them to us for this present time.

Reproduction of Tabernacle of Moses at Timna Park

>Reproduction of Tabernacle of Moses at Timna Park

At Timna Park, 20 miles north of Eilat in the Arabah, a life-size replica of the biblical tabernacle has been constructed. While no original materials (e.g., gold, silver, bronze) have been used, the replica tabernacle is accurate in every other way based upon the biblical description.


Entering through the "door" of many colors into the Holy Place and facing the Most Holy Place, we receive the full light and brightness of the tabernacle. The two sides to our right and left are constructed of shittim wood boards standing one against another. They are covered with gold, softly reflecting in golden hue the bedazzling colors inside. Looking up, the visible ceiling is one layer of linen strips of: fine linen (white), blue, scarlet, and purple.

Atop the linen of many colors, hidden from our sight, are three additional layers of animal coverings. They are in ascending order goats' hair, ram skins dyed red, and badgers' skins. Directly in front of us is the inner veil of many colors of fine linen (white), blue, scarlet, and purple. It has golden threaded cherubims woven throughout. It is rent from head to foot. To our right is the golden table of shewbread with twelve loaves of unleavened bread upon it in two stacks of six.

To our left over against the golden table of shewbread is the candlestick of pure beaten gold with its seven bowls of oil aflame. Ahead and before the ark of covenant is the golden altar of burning incense, the wafting smoke a sweet savor unto the Lord. Covering the ark of covenant is the mercy seat. It is of two cherubims of pure beaten gold facing one to another with wings stretched forth on high.

"And there will I meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of the testimony, of all things which I will give thee in commandment unto the children of Israel."(Ex 25:22)

Free Tabernacle of Moses Bible Map

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